The CDCI Difference: Our People, Our Capacity & Our Methodology

Our People

CDCI Research has always understood the key to adding value to our clients begins with project management. While our specialty is historical research, our team also includes professionals with a broad range of other specialties including Project Management certifications (PMP), human resources, finance, and information technology. We devise the most efficient and accountable management solution according to the specific needs of each research project.

CDCI Research also has the distinction of employing more research specialists with doctoral or master's degrees than any other historical research company in Canada. Current research staff has expertise in a diversity of fields, including genealogy, military history, Aboriginal history, GIS mapping, anthropology, conservation and heritage. Many research staff members undertake teaching engagements, provide guest lectures, publish journal articles and manuscripts, and continue their academic pursuits while working at CDCI Research. In addition to enriching our researchers individual subject expertise, these activities ensure that our firm remains informed on current research and academic thought as well as the most recent research sources and methods. The up-to-the-minute knowledge of our people allows CDCI Research to access information for our clients quickly and efficiently.

Our Capacity

CDCI Research's capacity is also key to our ability to deliver the highest quality research management services. Our Human Resources department maintain a standing list of researchers and specialists, allowing our company to scale up to meet the demands of large, complex, long-term projects, or respond quickly to an urgent client request. The company has large offices in both Ottawa and Vancouver and also supports research teams in numerous locations across the country. We offer our clients both the physical and management capacity and secret storage clearance to successfully and securely manage projects of any size.

CDCI Research can offer complete solutions, from the digitization of entire collections, to the gathering, analysis and digitization of specific files within these groups. Our IT experts tailor the appropriate technology to best meet client needs. With our combined research and project management expertise, clients will be assured that their project will be completed to the highest standards.

Our Methodology

CDCI Research leads the industry in developing and implementing best practices. Throughout the research life cycle, protocols are put in place. Our establishment and execution of protocols ensure data integrity, research due diligence and accountability, and efficient project management. Our researchers also have the training, professional experience and peer-reviewed expertise to build and enhance reliable, methodology-driven perspectives by analyzing the past and its dynamic relationship with the present. The result is research that is dependable and defendable.

The research process begins with efficient and professional project management. Our managers all receive project management training and have the experience necessary to guide projects from start up to completion in a cost effective manner. In consultation with our clients, we determine the scope of the project and the expected deliverables. Team orientation provides researcher with information about project goals, challenges and protocols. Researchers then follow a guided methodology developed and supervised by managers, which ensures that all work is conducted consistently, thoroughly and efficiently. The collected material is then organized and integrated by our IT and Records Management teams to produce the required deliverables. Our project managers provide clients with regular status updates and carefully monitor project progress to ensure client satisfaction and project completion on time and on budget.

Throughout our research processes, protocols are in place to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the data and findings.

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