Records Management/Archival Services

Government agencies, NGOs and private industry are
seeking solutions in their struggle to convert to paperless offices while still maintaining access to important records. Timely access to the right information, not just information, is key to the success of creating a meaningful digital archive. If done correctly, a properly structured archival system can provide an organization with immediate access to valuable information.

The Benefits of Digital Archives

  • One central repository for all information
  • Digital information is easier to backup and protect
  • Remote access can be supplied
  • Frees up expensive storage space
  • Electronic tools provides vastly superior search functions

CDCI Research can help alleviate the stress of organizing your archives. We have a proven track record of implementing and supervising records management systems and strategies as well as developing corporate archival strategies in both government and private industry. We have researchers with years of experience with reviewing, coding, filing and managing the lifecycle of documents. We can create customized policies and guidelines to help your organization implement a lasting and practical archival and records management strategy.

More than just adhering to corporate green initiatives and freeing up expensive storage space, the conversion to well-planned digital archive also enhances companies abilities to access their corporate memory. Corporate Memory is the knowledge, experience and history of a company that is often held by key personnel and company knowledge holders. As employee turnover and internal movement within organizations increase, the need to provide practical access to corporate records intensifies. With the fewer personnel staying in positions throughout their career, solid corporate archiving practices become essential to safeguarding a record of the company's past and providing access to its history in the future.

CDCI Research's Records Management/Archival Services Include:

  • Collection Evaluation
  • Archival Strategies
  • Organization
  • Records Management Strategies
  • Digitization
  • Database Development
  • Indexing
  • Record Descriptions

CDCI Research has the technical capabilities and experience to create a fully digital archive for your organization. From the development of filing systems, taxonomies, indexes and database architecture to procedures that enhance your company's current system, we can help ensure your individualized solution not only supports corporate goals but also alleviates undue pressure on staff when adhering to complicated records management policies and procedures.

With an experienced foundation in the research and records management, data entry, quality control and database management of document collections consisting of a few hundred records to collections containing millions of pages of information, CDCI Research can provide a solution to your problems. We can work with your existing database systems, or offer guidance in working with some of our preferred solutions. We have experience in developing and implementing a variety of database architectures and protocols that best suit your project's budget and goals.

Whether you rely on the accessibility of open-source software or the scale and power of proprietary systems, let CDCI Research develop your 21st century archiving solutions.

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