Historical Research

History is not only the past but the way it can be interpreted. CDCI Research understands the difference between history and memory, and the due diligence required to assess and analyze the complex and often contrasting view of the past that can exist among multiple individuals, communities or stakeholders.

Whether it is a family's genealogy, the residential schools experience, the construction legacy of a bridge, or the analysis of emerging social phenomena, the facts and findings uncovered during historical research provide crucial context to questions which seek to discover the links between then and now.

Historical records are no longer just the "hard-copy" documents located at archives and other repositories. Today, the definition of a historical record has expanded to include everything from a fragile 19th century onion-skin ledger to the hidden electronic information stored in an outgoing email's metadata.

Although the records management technologies available to efficiently discover and extract pertinent information from the myriad of available print and digital sources has greatly improved, a foundation in research planning, best practices and analysis remains critical to bringing relevancy to these collections and ensuring the success of a research project.

Our team of professional researchers have expertise in a myriad of fields, including, but not limited to:

  • Inuit, M├ętis, and First Nations History
  • Military History
  • Social History
  • Political Science & Policy History
  • Oral History
  • History of Technology
  • Corporate/Departmental History
  • Environmental History

For more information regarding the breadth of our historical research services and expertise, contact

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