Company History

Canadian Development Consultants International Inc. (CDCI) was founded in 1998 by Anthony Brace and co-founder Michael Brace. The founders successes led them to open offices in Vancouver and Ottawa and grow CDCI’s research team to over 100.

The founders initial focus was to provide research services to aid in community development. CDCI has since expanded our client base and focus. We provide the public and private sector with research that facilitates the removal of barriers to community development. This consequently heightens the level of program implementation within communities.

CDCI also provides litigation support and historical research services to public and private sector clients across Canada. We are proud to have become specialists in Aboriginal research. Our clients include Indian and Northern Affairs, Litigation Management Research Branch, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Parks Canada, and Department of National Defence.

CDCI has built on lessons learned, and continues to evolve in providing clients with best practices. From document management to research methodologies, the rigour and structure of our processes enables CDCI to continuously set the standard for professional research management in Canada. In turn, each research engagement provides our clients with a legacy to build on.

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