First Nations

CDCI Research’s corporate experience is founded upon researching First Nations and Aboriginal issues. Since 1998, the firm’s researchers have worked on diverse projects related to claims, treaties, Crown relations, relocation, education, identity and status. CDCI has provided professional research management services related to Aboriginal issues to a wide range of clients at the federal and provincial levels.

We also continuously partner with Aboriginal firms on public and private sector projects. Our national capacities and broad range of custom research service bundle options, from single services to fully outsourced projects, provides accessibility to clients of all sizes. Our extensive capacity is unmatched in our industry, and allows us to offer our clients best value and best practices.

CDCI Research is also proud of its long-term involvement in research related to Canada’s Indian Residential Schools. We are honoured to have contributed to an important body of historical policy research on loss of language and culture that provided context to federal officials on the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in Canada.

Our project teams and researchers have identified and reviewed more than 75 000 historical files, summarizing historical documents on file that range from several pages of correspondence to hundreds of pages of handwritten letters, memoranda, and other official correspondence related to Aboriginal issues. These file reviews have entailed examining more than twenty million historical pages and we have written more than 200 historical reports and orally presented our findings to clients.

CDCI also has extensive experience with indexing and managing large digitized document collections. CDCI’s subject matter expertise in Aboriginal issues includes:

  • Fishing rights
  • Rights and title
  • Treaty claims and provisions
  • Treaty signatory and beneficiaries
  • Forestry and fisheries resource use
  • Historic land transactions and Additions to Reserves
  • Land occupation and overlaps in territory
  • Federal policy document collected related to education
  • Other government departments and Aboriginal peoples
  • Aboriginal Child Welfare (Children out of Parental Home)
  • Pre-confederation to the present aboriginal and non-aboriginal relations
  • Forestry and fisheries resource use
Fisheries and Oceans Canada Indian and Northern Affairs Canada ACCESS - Canadian First Nations Employment Database Department of National Defence Treaty 7 Management Corp Tsuu T'ina Nation
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